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Welcome to Airline Courses

Welcome to Airline Courses, the Global Distribution System specialist for online learning worldwide. We are a major provider of elearning gds training which is a reservation system used within aviation or as a booking system via a hotel reservation or travel agent. This online training is an excellent opportunity of gaining employment within the travel & tourism industry.
We pride ourselves on excellence and trust you will make the important decision of appointing us as your number 1 provider. We look forward to having you study online with Airline Courses Online

...Take off to a brighter future.


”This course (Accelerator) should advertised more as I found it by chance"
Boris Moscow 2013

” The course took longer for me but it was not problem, and I have certificate"
Aga Paris 2013

”Amazing price and amazing price"
Kristof Prague 2013

"Found Airline courses and really glad "
Philip Berlin 2013

"The Amadeus Accelerator is a very good course for a beginner"
Marci Perth 2013

"A friend recommended Airline Courses, I completed the Amadeus Accelerator and it was brill"
Sora Jersey 2013

"This is a really good course, I enjoyed it very much"
Ewa Warsaw 2013

"Finished the course in good time, thinking of doing the comprehensive next"
Alina London 2013

"I went through all the website offering GDS courses and this was the only one willing to send a work book to me for free, very good company"
Sarah Montreal 2013

"Got my certificate today, and I am very impressed with the whole package "
Martha London 2014

"Simply excellent"
Bruce Auckland 2014

"I really enjoyed your course and I’m sure the knowledge gained will be very useful in my work"
Barbara Krakow 2014

"Simply excellent"
Malgorzata Edinbrugh 2014

"I finished without much issues the online help is very good if you get stuck"
Brit London 2014

"Please start Virgin Atlantic courses online! - I loved the Galileo Comprehensive"
Maria London 2014

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*Free workbooks provided with purchases of Amadeus, Galileo & Sabre Accelerator Packs only

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